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After starting out with an interest in instrumental rock music from the likes of guitarists such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, I cultivated a passion for acoustic folk (new age) and jazz guitar music. After the self-produced "Rivelazioni" CD in 1999 I started my live experiences, in my homeland, with a repertoire of original compositions for guitar solo as well as pieces from two fingerstyle masters: Alex de Grassi and Michael Hedges.
I played flute and clarinet as a guest with a world-music band, I collaborated for Sangit (a middle-eastern inspired music show) and a medieval music combo.
In the following "Incauto sperimentatore" album I developed compositions for standard and fretless guitar (a custom-made model), with the help of a few guests. Later on these two CDs, after a little re-touching, have been published on the Ethnoworld label.
With the group Ivänjpsy Orchest we proposed traditional inspired instrumental songs, alternating guitar and clarinet in ensamble with trombone, accordion, double bass and percussion.
For a brief period I have experimented with a band with a repertoire of 1940s/50s arranged in " house-lounge " style as well as jamming with funky-style musicians.
I have played guitar and clarinet with street art and dance theater groups and I have participated in contests for music applied to images and guitar solo; I like writing, I study to expand and share my musical horizons.
"Onirico" is my third album.

In 2018 I've got a bachelor's degree in composition at Nino Rota Conservatory of music studying under the guidance of maestro Riccardo Panfili. For this final exam, I wrote a piece for a large orchestra and an essay about the aesthetics of Ferruccio Busoni and Hans Werner Henze.
In December 2018 I've got honourable mention by the Noosa ISAM solo piano composition competition.

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