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about Onirico

For this album I thought about a selection of music made ​​for contests, as Nina and From West to East, or at the end of a course of study as initially for Luci Soffuse. I've ended up playing around heterogeneous material that gave me the idea of a collection entitled Onirico. I took the opportunity to compose two pieces on the classical guitar and develop a couple of ideas on the fretless guitar. Onirico opens and closes the album with two effect manipulated loops.

- Macondo and Piccolo seme di cardamomo:

about Luci soffuse

A collection of five short twelve-tone compositions for solo flute, coloured by the extended technique.
Pdf preview: LuciSoffusePreview.pdf

- Audio preview:

about Dry stones

I started with the intention of making transcriptions of some pieces from my recordings and then consider and implement the idea of a real small collection of sheet music, with all the directions in classical music for solo guitar.
Provided, in this case, it was music with a different tuning from the traditional I also considered essential the TAB, which facilitates the reading also for those who play mostly by ear.
The compositions, based on fully-formed folk and rock rhythms, from the standpoint of technical guitar has a contemporary approach, from fingerstyle to style derived from the electric guitar, percussive effects and the independence use of both hands.
On this web site I suggested links where you can listen some pieces in the collection.
Pdf preview: DryStonesPreview.pdf

about Manuale per chitarra

This book, in Italian, is the tonal-modal harmony guitar and "tools for improvisation" with an intuitive and immediate exposure through the degrees of the scale mainly in use (major, minor melodic and harmonic) and relations with the modal systems that develop, with historical notes and references to different traditions; modal scales as a bridge between different cultures in a common language.
Here's an excerpt of the schema that I used for the development of scales and chords: armonia-chitarra.pdf.

- Examples of improvisation on "looped harmonies":

- Cromasismi:

about Rivelazioni and Incauto sperimentatore

The guitar compositions are often made using open tunings, by changing the natural tuning of the guitar and then raising or lowering some strings by a semitone, a tone or more. This way new rules are followed, creating new intervals between the strings and striving to find new positions for scales and chords. Many guitarists know the music of Alex de Grassi (I learned something through a book of transcriptions of some of his work, and compositions by late guitarist Michael Hedges), style of fingerstyle which extends the potentialities of the instrument, in a context of modal music, which allows spacing between the accompaniment with the melody with treble and bass more naturally for this kind of music. A spontaneous approach to search for tones, using modern guitar techniques, developing the ideas seeking rhythmic variety and adding moments of improvisation also through the aid of loops.

Vision of music as research that brought me to experience the fretless guitar. The idea was born from the desire to get closer to the sound of the 'ud (the Arabic lute) and play with the same way of string instruments to pass from one note to another through intermediate micro-tones (a full glissando). Interesting effect, especially when used to invoke an atmosphere typical of Indian or Arabic music which is based on melodies with intervals and scales that use quarter tones.

- Preview albums (remastered 2014):


open or altered tunings (from 1st to 6th string):